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  1. Temperatures will be taken when entering the park. Per CDC, if over 100.4, you will NOT be allowed to enter.

  2. Per Governor Abbotts order July 2nd, MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES WHEN AT A COMMERICIAL ESTABLISHMENT. The ONLY exceptions at Volente Beach are

    1.  if you are in the pool or in the lake, otherwise, you must have a mask on 

    2. If you are eating or drinking at a table, otherwise you must have a mask on.


Look, we don't care how you feel about it and our staff doesn't need the hassle of reminding you over and over.  We also don't want to get fined or get our license pulled because you don't want to wear a mask.  If you don't want to wear one, please go somewhere else.  Thank you.

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