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From the Volente Beach Management
We are open for business, Tuesday - Sunday.  Check under Park/Lake for options


  1. Per Governor Abbotts order July 2nd, MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES WHEN AT A COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENT. The ONLY exceptions at Volente Beach are

    1.  if you are in the pool or in the lake, otherwise, you must have a mask on 

    2. If you are eating or drinking at a table, otherwise you must have a mask on.

We are working on our Covid-19 preparations and precautions which may include some or all of the following:

  • closing the pools and slides every hour for a short time to disinfect all railings, counters etc.

  • Posting social distancing guidelines. We will be expecting guests to do their best to practice social distancing.  We will not be policing the park and we recommend if you are not comfortable in a situation, that you remove yourself from it.

  • Disinfecting bathrooms every hour

  • Placing spacing markings on all rides to help with the 6 ft rule.

  • Allowing approximately 25% or less capacity throughout the entire property

  • Serving all outside food and drinks in disposable containers

  • Masks are required as of July 2nd so please wear them at all times when walking around.  

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