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Charter Boat Information

We are excited to assist the numerous charters on Lake Travis during Covid and possibly into the future.


Please read the following rules that must be followed.  Also, make sure you let your guest know these rules.  If we have to warn you or your groups more than once, you will not be allowed to use our dock for charter pick up/drop off in the future.

  1. In order to utilize our dock for charters, you MUST list us on your insurance and we must receive a copy showing Volente Vision, LLC and Volente Operations, LLC as additional insureds - Email copy to

  2. BOOK ONLINE HERE - Once you complete the form, you will receive a payment link.  The charter is not confirmed until payment is received.

    1. Please put "(Renter Last Name) & Charter Boat Trip" in Nature of Event 

    2. Make sure Date and time of departure are entered  - Also enter Return Time in the additional details box

    3. Enter YOUR GUESTS NAME as the contact but ENTER YOUR EMAIL. This way you will be notified to pay and when confirmed

    4. Be sure to enter the proper number of guests in the booking form to ensure the right number of wristbands are available.

  3. Pay fees as soon as you receive the payment link.  All charters must be paid at least 24 hours in advance. There will be an additional $50 charge if less than 24 hours.


Rules For Your Guests​

  • If paid in advance, fees are $125 for the first 10 guests. Each additional person over 10 will be $15

  • Guests should park in the Volente Beach Parking Lot.  It is $10 per car.

  • Check in for wristbands will be at admissions building when waterpark is open  

  • They have full access to slides, pools, volleyball etc.

  • NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL can be consumed on our property.  TABC rules prohibit any outside alcohol so all coolers will need to be stored by our staff while they wait for their charter or when they return if they wish to enjoy the park.  They can carry closed containers and coolers through the park to the dock prior to their charter but they cannot open it and/or drink it anywhere in the venue.  If they wish to stay after they return to play in the waterpark, eat at Beachside Billys, or listen to music they can take their coolers back to car or they can ask to have it stored until they leave.

Thank you for sharing these rules with your guests

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